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More Thoughts on Taco Bell $2

June 10th, 2010 | Posted by Jonathan Marek in Restaurants | Restaurants

Do we need more of these?

Taco Bell has now launched a petition for the Federal Reserve to issue more $2 bills, accessible through Taco Bell’s Facebook page.  There’s a full-page ad in USA Today, and the write-up on a Wall Street Journal blog is today’s most popular article on  Of course, this is marketing the 3-item $2 Meal Deal promotion we discussed in a prior post (see Taco Bell $2: A Restaurant Trade Promotion?). 

Here are five things what we love about this marketing tactic:

  1. It’s a great combination of marketing, PR, and social media, especially if they can keep up the publicity
  2. It’s a tangible reinforcement of the price point, and better yet of the uniqueness of the price point (like the uniqueness of the $2 bill)
  3. Everyone loves to pick on faceless government agencies, especially these days.  The petition has a feel of Taco Bell standing up for the little guy
  4. They got a nice implied double dig at competition into the text: “Cooler than a $5. Twice as powerful as a $1.”
  5. It might just help all Taco Bell employees learn that a $2 is real money (if you’ve never read the legend, check out Snopes)

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